AKAM Health Fair 2013

A Knock At Midnight hosted a neighborhood health fair where people from the community were invited to come out and learn a few things about personal health and have a little fun. We brought out the jumping room for the kids, played games, jumped rope, danced, and had an awesome self defense demonstration just to name a few of the activities people were able to participate in. Everyone had a good time and danced the afternoon away.

Atlanta Youth Retreat

A Knock At Midnight organized a trip to Atlanta for some of our youth, where they were taken on college tours at Spelman and Morehouse, and also had the opportunity to visit several historical sites dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King. Amongst them, were Ebananizer Baptist Church, MLK’s tombstone, and the famous King Center Memorial that features several artifacts from Civil Rights era. For some, it was their first time out of Chicago, and we’re sure it was a trip they’ll remember forever!

Dawson Institute (Workforce Development)

We took a bus load of our youth participating in the Workforce Development program from both, the Banner South & Banner West locations to Dawson Technical Institute where they learned about how to pursue a career in the fields of welding, masonry, bricklaying, and overhead electricity. The students were given a tour of the facilities where they were able to speak with instructors and students currently enrolled in the program.

Chef London (Workforce Development)

As part of our Summer Workforce Development program we were able to have Chef London from Oprah’s Harpo Studios, come by and do a demonstration for some of our youth. Not only did they get to watch Chef London put together some great looking fruit flowers and plants, they also got to pick his brain about the process of becoming a professional chef.

Museum of Science Trip (Teen Reach)

As part of our Teen Reach program, we occasionally take our participating youth on field trips. These are photos from a trip we took to Museum of Science & Industry located on Chicago’s south side.

Sugargrove Fun Center

As one of our weekly outings, we packed up a bus of our youth and drove them out to Sugargrove, IL for a day of fun with go kart racing, water wars, and bumper boats.

MLK Day 2009

Every year, to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we throw our biggest fund raiser of the year where the parents of our youth are able to enjoy a show put on by some of our talented youth. They sing, dance, tell speeches, and overall show their appreciation for MLK.

The framework behind the name of our organization came from a sermon titled “A Knock At Midnight” preached by the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr


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