Family Advocacy

A knock At Midnight’s Family Empowerment Track is a powerful family advocacy initiative that offers an array of family centered services. Services are provided through our Family Advocacy Center, sponsored by the Illinois Department of Family Services program.

Our Family Advocacy program is designed to develop family support systems that help families to identify their strengths and needs. Additionally, the program develops strategies to resolve challenges and accomplish goals to improve their quality of life, leading families to sufficiency.

The intentions are to do everything possible to give parents a chance to make the positive changes necessary to provide a safe and secure environment in which their children can grow, learn, and thrive. We seek to assist families in working toward reunification and to provide non-judgemental support to families that encourage preventive measurements.

Families are orientated and assessed for advocacy, mediation, prevention and Intervention strategies. The family management teams are trained to advocate for the family whole units and are required to develop service plans, orchestrate individual
assessments, and provide a goal tracking mechanisms for full family support.

Many direct advocacy services and trainings are provided on-site and others services are provided through community linkages.

The framework behind the name of our organization came from a sermon titled “A Knock At Midnight” preached by the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr


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