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On behalf of the Chicago Housing Authority and the City of Chicago, Mr. Michael R. Merchant the Chief Executive Officer is very excited to announce the opening of CHA’s 2014 Waitlist Lottery Registration. For the first time, CHA will simultaneously open three of its waitlists – Family Public Housing, Tenant-Based Housing Choice Voucher (formerly Section 8) and Property Rental Assistance to help fill CHA-owned and assisted rental units as they become available.
This is a historic opportunity for Chicago. We invite low-income families and individuals to register. Participants will have four weeks to register online – for FREE. Those who are interested must sign up between Oct. 27, 2014 and Nov. 24, 2014. All registrations received during this period will have an equal chance of being selected for the lottery.

When registering online, please remember to use the dropdown menu, and select A KNOCK AT MIDNIGHT as your referral source. More information, and frequently asked questions can be found here. You may register by phone at 312.971.7700 or online at

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