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Executive Director

Minister Johnny Banks


Ida. M. Brown

Computer literacy

AKAM’s basic computer literacy trainings encompass an introduction to Windows and basic PC operation, the fundamentals of word processing using Microsoft Word, an introduction to spread sheets using Microsoft Excel, the fundamentals of desktop presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint, navigating the internet, and E-mail fundamentals.

Participants are introduced to using computers with digital cameras, video camcorders, and LCD projectors to present presentations and create multi-media projects.


* Increase and improve basic computer literacy skills and/or improve emplyability.
* Enhance self-improvement efforts through the acquisition of new knowledge, skills, and abilities.
* Increase awareness and understanding of the role of technology in today’s society.
* Increase knowledge and understanding of the people, places, and events throughout the world.
* Generate increased interest in pursuing job training and work-related readiness skills.

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