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Executive Director

Minister Johnny Banks


Ida. M. Brown

Local Area Network

Local Area Networks (LANs) are voluntary, inclusive and community based bodies with the express purpose of improving the welfare of chilfren and families. Membership on the LAN reflects a balance of formal systems that operate in a community along with parents and other community stakholders.

LANs are responsible for developing community based System of Care for children and adolescents from their local geographic area.

In a system of care, mental health, education, child welfare, juvenile justice, and other agencies work together to ensure that children with mental, emotional, and behavioral problems and their families have access to the services and supports they need to succeed. A true system of care is about partnership – a partnership made up of service providrers, families, teachers, and others who care for a child. Together, the team develops an individualized service plan that builds on the unique strenghts of each child and each family. The customized plan is always implemented in a way that is consistent with the family’s culture and language.

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