A Knock At Midnight

400 W. 76th St, STE. 206 Chicago, IL 60620
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Executive Director

Minister Johnny Banks


Ida. M. Brown


The framework behind the name of our organization came from a sermon titled “A Knock At Midnight” preached by the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.- which was later published in a book entitled, The Strength To Love. Being educated on the nuances of the civil rights movement for over 15 years, the one thing that stuck with one of our founders, Minister Johnny Banks Sr., was the courage and conviction of Dr. King to uplift, empower, and change the conditions of the black communities in America. In this sermon, Dr. King talked about how it is midnight in our social, moral and psychological lives. He preached that we must keep the doors of our hearts open for those who will come knocking in the midnight hour. He taught that many will come seeking restoration of hope, faith, and love. The message of this sermon is the very foundation for which we began our organization, and thus was born the name of our agency A Knock At Midnight.

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